DVD Cover Print

DVD Cover Print 2.0

Creates custom covers for the user's DVDs
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North Cardinal Software
Make your own covers for your DVDs and print them to specified sizes. The tool includes image resizing ability for making the cover art fit the size parameters and a wide array of templates to choose from. It supports single, double, slim and multi-disk cases.

DVD Cover Print allows you to print your DVD cover art easily and accurately. This software tool allows the user to load DVD cover art and print it to standard size specifications or user defined specifications. This is an easy and quick way for the user to printout DVD covers that will fit any size DVD keep case. It is easy to use and can handle different image sizes and resolutions; resizing them to the correct output size. With this software, the user can create DVD covers using single or multiple images which can be automatically extracted from ZIP files or loaded from standard graphic files. It includes multiple standard templates for different-sized DVD cases, such as single, double, slim, and multidisc. In addition, it allows the user to create user-defined templates for custom printing, and allows the user to adjust printer output properties. Border sizes can be selected with automatic or manual adjustment. Features: Easy to use System notifies you when free updates are available for download Handles images of different sizes and resolutions; resizes them to the correct print size Multiple standard templates for different size DVD cases

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